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For those who take to the sea on daily swimming rituals, a common narrative often prevails. For me, much like others, it has become a daily practice, a time to reflect, a time to heal and a time to reset. Rituals is derived from a personal experience and a deep-rooted connection to the sea. 

From morning swimmers to evening dippers this work records a unique ceremony. In this work a community of swimmers are bound together in mutual agreement of the sea as a powerful catalyst for healing and restoration. 

This body of work acknowledges the force of oceanic elements as empowering, a place that provides swimmers with an unique way to withstand the differences and challenges of everyday life.

Review from Karin Andreasson

Picture Editor - The Guardianwww.theguardian.com

This is a beautiful and serene series that hasmystical quality. The combination of monochrome, in gentle shades of grey, and the muted cool colours, lends a harmonious and other-wordly quality to the images. It is also a visual thermometer, these are not warm waters to splash around in but cool waters that require an almost meditative focus, calmly embracing the elements. By photographing her swimmers from the sea Corinna Nolan extends that shared experience to the viewer. The focus on individual swimmers suggests that this ritual attracts (or builds) strong characters

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